Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brad and Tummy time

Brad is 3 1/2 months. We had an appointment for him the other week and he was 92% for Height and 90% for weight. He is almost 17 pounds and he is as sweet as can be. I get a lot of comments about how big he is. It is kind of fun to tell people when they ask how old he is… I get some funny reactions.

Here are some pictures of him.

IMG_20130806_171944_740   IMG_20130806_185955_972  IMG_20130814_203209_810

He is close to rolling over. Today he did roll over. just took him awhile. Before I know it he will be doing it all the time.

Sometimes I love their faces when they are super sad.

IMG_20130813_135410_422   IMG_20130813_135425_519

Whitney likes to play the game of: How close can I get to Brad without squishing him and how hard can I squeeze him. Kaitlyn never did anything like that with Whitney. It is getting better but she still loves to get as close as she can without touching him. I keep telling her that one day he is going to get big and she better watch out!

IMG_20130813_173523_180   IMG_20130813_173527_022

A few weeks ago I was subbing to teach in Relief Society and as a prepared he slept on my lap. It is the little things.


When Brad does Tummy time he puts both arms straight out. All the time. I keep bringing them in closer so he can push himself higher but they go right back out. Too cute! We love this little boy who blesses our life daily.

IMG_20130819_154554_541   IMG_20130819_154651_950

IMG_20130821_145324_598   IMG_20130821_145352_148

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