Saturday, August 24, 2013


Last weekend we had two free kid meals to Benihanas. So we decided to use them up and take the kids. It was such a fun afternoon.

Kaitlyn LOVED it! She kept saying this like:

*This is the coolest place EVER!

*He is the coolest cook EVER!

*He can throw knives!

*This is the best food I have ever had!

*He is cooking it right in front of us!

*Can we come back here again! Everyday!

I loved watching her experience it. That made it so much more fun. Her eyes got so big and her month dropped when he started. So cute! Whitney watched close but didn’t say too much during it and Brad just watched and enjoyed the show. He is such a great baby out and about.

We took these pictures before it all started:

IMG_20130817_134149_667   IMG_20130817_134211_861

Kaitlyn and I doing CrAzY fAcEs!

IMG_20130817_134245_319  IMG_20130817_134249_026  IMG_20130817_134254_981  IMG_20130817_134313_996IMG_20130817_134317_578  IMG_20130817_134334_710

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