Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family time


I just adore this family of mine. I am so grateful for everything that I have. Each moment that we have I try so hard to cherish. I know that they will all grow up and need to do their own things on the weekends and be busy with their own life soon! Family time is so important.

What an awesome Daddy these girls have!

IMG_20130706_184853_077    IMG_20130713_192622_030

Last week we went to the Library to turn in our summer reading charts and got a prize and then we rode the free Trolley that they have available. We were the only ones on it for the whole 20 min. ride~ It was so much fun!


It is hot here in Texas and so we are filling our days up best we can. The girls worked out with me one day. And coloring and Playdough is always on the list!

IMG_20130716_125805_776    IMG_20130719_121215_881

And of course lots of cuddles with Dad

IMG_20130720_151442_021    IMG_20130720_152428_388

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