Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bradleys Blessing Day

Today was Bradley Lymans Baby Blessing.

It was a wonderful day. Alma gave the most beautiful Baby Blessing. I am so grateful for him and the Priesthood that he holds so he can bless our home.
There were 4 baby blessings today in our ward. One family had twin boys! So much fun to see so many babies being born. Lots of Baby boys in our area right now.

My Mom made Brads Blessing outfit. She did a great job and I am so grateful for her time for putting it together! 

031        001

Our first (good) picture of our family of  five




Happy Parents


027    029

We love you Brad and all that you bring to our family.

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Anna said...

I never thought your girls looked alike, but they are starting to as they get older. I'm definitely seeing the resemblance in these pics!