Sunday, July 21, 2013

4th of July

It was a great 4th of July this year. It was hot. So we went swimming with my parents in the morning. It was such a fun pool. I wish I got photos of it. They had an awesome slide and playground and Kaitlyn got so brave going under the water without plugging her nose. Brad slept the ENTIRE way there and while we were there and all the way home. Probably like 5 hours. Such a good sport going places, especially in the heat.

Then we had a BBQ at our place with some close friends. It was a great time. Then we set off some fireworks.

Here is a photo before and after the fireworks. I love their expressions.

Photo: BEFORE loud fireworksPhoto: AFTER loud fireworks

And here are some more photos of the kids in their chairs watching the fireworks. So much fun.


IMG_20130704_194913_146     IMG_20130704_194929_333

Kaitlyn was scared to hold the crazy sprinklers that Alma bought.  She did the more calm ones but Alma got some that changed colors and got pretty hot. Whitney was no scared at all. She never dropped it either. Such a brave girl.

IMG_20130704_201224_561     IMG_20130704_201234_848

Then we hurried and drove to see the fireworks in our town and got there just in time to find a spot to park (even though it was crazy crowded) and we found a big grassy area that we could sit in and ate twizzlers and watched a HUGE firework show. It was so close and so big you could feel it in your chest.

Brad did so great during the show. No crying.

IMG_20130704_211404_951  IMG_20130704_212237_544  IMG_20130704_212346_407

IMG_20130704_212612_030    IMG_20130704_212628_608

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. No commercial gifts to have to buy for everyone you know. Just good food, good family and friend moments and the summer nights.

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