Monday, July 29, 2013

Circus fun

Last Saturday we went to the Circus here in town and the girls had free tickets that they earned from the Reading Program at the Library and Brad is still free so we decided to take advantage of it! It was a great day. First we went and met the animals up close and then danced and played with the clowns.


Side note: I look at this picture above and can not believe Brad is only 2 months! He is growing fast!!

017  002

They did great watching the show! Loved watching their reactions.


So many amazing things that were done during the show. Hanging by hair, riding horses like crazy and doing stunts on them, backflipping poodles, lions and tigers, motorcycles…. so many cool things

018  019  022

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Kenna said...

Did they ask your BABY GIGANTOR to join the circus? I can't believe he's only 2 months, reminds me of when Bryce was a baby. He was enormous!

(Jayson made me call your baby 'gigantor'.)