Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sleepy girl

On Friday Whitney skipped her nap and so when it was bed time we were doing the routine and as soon as we were done brushing teeth and jammies before heading in the room to say prayer, we got distracted with setting up the Bassinette for the new baby. I noticed Whitney leave us but then later we went looking for her and she was already in her bed asleep. Poor thing was tired and she was ready.

Then the next day, Alma put all the blankets up on the bed and made a big pile to throw her on the bed. He tossed her up a couple times onto the bed and then left for a min and when we came back she was napping like this.

I promise she usually is asleep in her bed, poor thing has been adjusting to sometimes not taking naps and she needs her sleep so we have been finding her places sleeping.

At least both times it was in beds.

I love that she knows when she is tired and knows that it is time to sleep. Kaitlyn could party as long as there were people or things around her.

Looks cozy huh?


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