Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finally home


These three pictures were taken right after we brought him home from the hospital.

018   025   029

Whitney has been so great adjusting. She loves to hold him and just adores him. She calls him by his name but whenever my Mom comes around she strongly tells her that it is her baby. I am not sure if she is worried about my Mom taking him away or something. It is cute how she asks for him when she wakes up from her nap or wakes up for the day and when we have headed out somewhere she yells, “C’mon BRAD!” She has been so sweet to him and hasn’t loved on him too much.


037   003   009   011


015   021


jamesandlindsaylattin said...

What a cute guy! Congrats! Love the name!

Ann Bates said...

He is so darling! I love the pictures of Whitney looking at him. Cute to think of her yelling to him to "C'mon" when leaving :) Wish we lived closer to you guys!