Thursday, May 23, 2013

Few extra pictures


Kaitlyn has been so sweet to Brad. She loves him and talks to him and does such a great job with adjusting to him being in our home. Yesterday, she told me that she thought I was kidding when I told her I had a baby in my tummy this whole time. She said she didn’t think that there was a real baby in my tummy. I wonder if because he is so real, more real than her baby dolls if it is just so weird to think about him being in my tummy that whole time. She seemed to really understand when I was pregnant though. I love the funny things that they say. She said she just thought I was sticking out my tummy to make it seem like there was a baby in there.

001    003

002   031

A few more pictures of this little guy awake.

032   034   035


Oh boy, are we in trouble with these two.

When Daddy goes back to work I think she is going to miss him like crazy. She is truly a Daddy’s Girl in every way and she just has stuck to his side so much in the last week or so. I love seeing them together and how close they are getting. I am worried what will happen when he heads back to work next week. And I am sure when she turns 16 we are going to have one protective Daddy. They have such a sweet relationship. She is like his shadow. If he is doing it, it must be great. If he is eating it, it must be good.


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Anna said...

He is truly a beautiful baby! Congratulations!