Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whitneys Allergies… or lack thereof



So I finally got Whitney tested. I am not going to tell the whole story of the Drs. Visit. Was not much fun, but I will say that we finally took her in to get tested and to see what she may or may not be allergic to…

They tested her for all common things. 6 were things like eggs, peanuts almonds… most common food allergies. The next 6 were common things all around us, pollen, dust. etc…

And then they did one more where they tested for Garlic. Since I have been avoiding giving it to her for the past 4-5 months. Which by the way, is in EVERYTHING!!!!

Anyway, turns out she was not allergic to garlic! HORRAY!!! I don’t know what I would feed her if she was, and turns out she is pretty severely allergic to house dust.

House dust. Yes, House Dust.

I guess my question is: Who isn’t?

I am pretty sure most everyone is. But they said it was pretty bad. Bad enough for her to break out in hives and all. And they gave me some meds to give her for when she is stuffy, which I will admit, happens a lot to this little girl. Poor thing. I guess it is a good thing I like to clean and vacuum.

Anyway, it was great to learn that she could have peanuts and eggs and milk! So the above pic is of her eating a piece of bread with peanut butter. I am not sure what made her break out so badly. I am not sure if she grew out of it. But they did give me an Epi-pin to carry with me in case it happened again.

So I am glad to be able to feed her pretty much everything, and it feels great to know that if something did happen, I am prepared and I can make sure she is taken care of.

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