Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaitlyns Update


Kaitlyn is 3 years and 3 months

Things she says: Every thing that she says just makes us laugh. She is always listening to adult conversation so I love when she jumps in and talks about what we are talking about. Sometimes she doesn’t quite understand what we are talking about and I love to hear her interpretation of what we are saying. She always is randomly saying to us, I love you, Mom. Or I love you this much. She calls Alma by his 1st name more than she does to me. I think it is because I always call him Alma. One morning we said that we were going to make crepes, this was prob over 6 months ago. And she said grapes!!! and we said, No C-c-c-c-c-crepes. So now whenever she asks for them she calls them C-c-c-c-Crepes. Adorable. I need to write down more of the silly things that she says. A lot of what makes what she says so funny is her facial expressions. She has so many different facial expressions. The other day she asked Alma and I, “Where do we come from?” with the most serious look on her face. Random!

Favorite Toys: Her Kitchen and the food, Whitney, Her stuffed Monkey, her babies, I love how she could really play with anything. If there are ever anything that are the same but different sizes that would entertain for hours. Example I had a few lotions and they were all different sizes, so of course like most girls, you have a Daddy Lotion, A Mommy Lotion and a baby lotion. And they talk to each other. Everything talks to each other.

Favorite foods: Oatmeal, Pasta, Eggs, Rice, Strawberries, Smoothies, Pretzels, Chocolate, Pink Milk,

Things she does: She is always going with imagination. She has 2 imaginary friends. Gauck and Gaucka. Today she told me when I asked how they look, she said, Tall. Gauck has blue hair and Gaucka has pink. But Gauck is the tallest. Taller than Dad. I always thought they were little and could fit into my hand.  She is always giggling and has the most fun laugh you have ever heard. She is always someone else. Never Kaitlyn. So you can’t call her that. She is a great helper. 

Favorite things: Loves playing and being outside. She loves to make us laugh. She loves to sing, and she does so well with it. She loves to go see Grandma and Grandpa.

Sleeping Habits: After Potty training she would wake up probably 5 times a week to have us fix blankets, go potty or just show her that we are still there. But it has really died down a lot and she is sleeping better at night. Only waking if she needs to go to the Potty. She usually goes down around 7-8pm and wakes up around 7am. She has not taken naps since before her 2nd Birthday, and hardly ever falls asleep in the car or on the couch anymore.

We love you more than you will ever know Kate. You have become a light in our life and I love all the things you bring into our world.  I seriously am in Awe of you everyday with how understanding you are about the world and about everything. You remember everything, past events and I love hearing you talk about all the things you remember doing. You are awesome Kate.

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Kenna said...

I was wrong. She totally looks like you. :) Such a cutie.