Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coming up with a title for a post is hard…



I love that Kaitlyn can be a photographer at our house. She took this photo of me and Whitney the other day. I mentioned something about me and Whitney both wearing brown shirts and so she took our picture. Not too bad if I may say so.

Whitney is 1/2 my size! Growing up so big!








We went on a Friday Family Date night a few weekends ago and it was so fun to watch Kate eat the Fried Motz. It just keeps coming and coming and coming….






After our Date night Kate was running to go to the bathroom and slipped on the tile and hit her eye and face on the potty and floor. Not to big of a black eye but you could tell it was there for a couple days.

049 050   

How I have waited for the day when they could both play well together and have fun doing it! They both have a baby and love and take care of them. Pushing them around. It is the sweetest thing ever! Kate is always in my heels.


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