Sunday, July 31, 2011


Happy 4 months Baby girl!

You are growing so fast and I love what you bring to us each day.
Just a few things about you:
Your nickname is Whitters/ or Whitter Critters.
You love to roll onto your tummy and also when I let you stand.
You are getting good at sitting by yourself for a few seconds here and there.
You are so sweet and hardly ever cry, I mean hardly EVER!
One of your happiest times is at the dinner table, while sitting in your high chair, watching us all eat, I think it is because we are all together and you can see us all.
You always get giddy and giggly when you are tired.
I love how in each picture that I take you look so different.
Your sister loves you more each day! And is always trying to be right by you, and you are so patient with her, even if she might be holding you a little to tight.
You Smile so easily and I love to hear you laugh.
Everytime I see you after I haven't for awhile, I think you get cuter and cuter.
I love that you wake up smiling... ALWAYS.
and when I come in to get you out of your crib, when you see me or Kate, I love how happy you get.
You go to sleep so easily, always rolling to your left side and then suck on your thumb.
Your so sweet Whitney, and I love you so much. Your family loves you more than you will ever know!

This is my favorite pictures of you taken last week.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

There is good and there is bad...

Having people build around you constantly... has its good points and its bad:

-Learning all the steps to building a home
-Watching the cool trucks and machines come in being able to see what all they can do
-Guessing what floor plan will go up around you by the size of the foundation or where the pipes are located
-Knowing that there are lots of people all around me. Some may look at this as bad but I kind of like it. People watching is fun :)
-Taking Night walks through the homes being built and seeing what other people chose for their homes.
-The Taco truck that comes every day around 10am. I am seriously going to go out there one day and get something.
-Being gone for the day and coming in and seeing TONS of progress from just 1 day!!!!

-Having those cool trucks and machines come in at 5:45am with their loud noises.
-The consistent noise of trucks and hammering all day. Sometimes I don't mind it but sometimes it gets old.
-When they drop off the wood frames at 5:45am. It is a very loud bang!
-Cement trucks. One day there were seriously 5 lined up around our entire house. So loud with all their trucks turning the cement.

Even though these are somewhat annoying, I am curious if I will miss it all when it is done.
oh and one more...

-Trying to get around all the workers trucks on the street when I am driving in my car.

I think the most annoying time above all, was the picture above. The cement pouring for the foundation across the street. They extend that big crane and it is so loud and so big... and it was 6:15am.

But really all in all, it has not been that bad, and I think the good outweigh the bad.

They started building on the lot next to us, and it is just getting started, they will only be 5 ft away from my window, which is not very much. Ask me how I feel about building around me then... I am sure I will think very differently then. But the good thing is they are almost done and I can't wait to see it all finished.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A sister is like having a best friend... for life.

I am super lucky to have 2 wonderful sister and a wonderful mom. I pray that these girls really take advantage of being sisters and stay best friends through life. Calling each other and keeping in touch as much as I do with mine.

I love seeing them together. Whitney loves Kaitlyn so much, she is always watching her closlely and when Kaitlyn interacts with Whitney, she just lights up.
Kaitlyn loves Whitney as much as any older sister could. It is wonderful to see her always being so soft and excited to see her and play with her.

I am looking forward to watching their relationship grow as they get older.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011


I love to Bake. I am slowly getting better at it, but I think it is such a fun hobby. The only bad thing is having all these baked goods around the house. We try to give them away, but I don't want to be pawning off cookies and cakes and bread to my friends all the time. They will probably start to wonder why I am always baking, but not keeping it for ourselves. They are probably starting to think that I am trying to make them all fat! I know that it is not the best hobby for my waistline, it is just so much fun.
I decided to try to find an awesome recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. I like the ones I make, but I wanted to see what else was out there. So I made these (the picture above) I LOVED THEM! Such a good recipe and a little bit different in the way they are prepared. They sure were huge though, which I think I like better. Then you only eat one at a time, instead of 5-6. Even though it is probably the same amount of cookie, it just feels like you are eating less when you eat just ONE BIG one.
It has been raining here and there, we are actually in a drought and for the 4th we were not aloud to do any FIREWORKS at all. Which was hard cuz I love setting them off infront of your house. When it does rain they sure are THUNDER storms. We have really loved it, our grass has loved it especially. Kaitlyn loves the Lightning and Thunder, and I get scared way more than she does when they get loud and close. She might not understand what is on the other end of those Lightning Bolts. We watched the storm from our Garage and she just had to go out there for just a second with her Umbrealla that Aunt Viky gave her. SO much fun!
For the 4th we got together with some friends and the kids played with the water and we all ate lots of yummy food. I will admit, it is a lot hotter here in the summer than in Utah and Idaho and it makes it hard to be outside too long. I used to love the 4th of July, spending the whole day outside, but that might have to change now that we live where it is so hot.

Here is a couple of pictures I took of Whitney. She is 3 months now and she is starting to roll (from back to front) and laughing a lot more.

One day Kaitlyn wanted Peanut butter when she woke up. So I gave her the jar with a spoon, did some dishes and when I came and looked at her she was covered in PB. Reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and Honey. Looks pretty messy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wooden spoon in my bathroom?

So there is a wooden spoon that needs to be in our bathroom, always... from now on.
So if you come over to our house, and come into our downstairs bathroom, the above picture is what you will see.
You see, when we built this house, I noticed that the light switches are super super high. I asked before it became too late if they could move them all down a bit. The Construction Manager told me that this was the normal height that it should be at. So his answer was, No.
This has been hard for me because as I am trying to encourage Kaitlyn to go Potty ALL by herself, it is tough when I have to get up and turn the light on for her. So if I am upstairs of feeding Whitney, I have to get up and help her. Doesn't sound like much, but it is hard when I have to stop what I am doing to help her.
Trying to convince her to go in the dark, is not an option for her. I feel like because she can't do it all by herself, she gets frustrated.
So this last weekend, my super amazing, smart husband, got tired of her asking to have us turn on the light, and gave her a wooden spoon to help her turn it on.
At first I thought, There is no way that will work for her. It will probably just end up being one more thing that makes her frustrated with the potty. But instead, it has helped her to feel more independent and has been great for us to not have to get up every time she needs to go.
Hip Hip Hooray for my hubby for making my life easier!
And giving my daughter more confidence.
So this is what we are going to have in our bathroom for awhile, at least till she can grow some more.
But as you can see, it is pretty high and might be awhile.
They are rocker switches too, so she has to be able to touch the top part of the light switch.
It is almost to high for me ;)
It actually comes to my chin. Crazy huh!!!??