Saturday, July 30, 2011

There is good and there is bad...

Having people build around you constantly... has its good points and its bad:

-Learning all the steps to building a home
-Watching the cool trucks and machines come in being able to see what all they can do
-Guessing what floor plan will go up around you by the size of the foundation or where the pipes are located
-Knowing that there are lots of people all around me. Some may look at this as bad but I kind of like it. People watching is fun :)
-Taking Night walks through the homes being built and seeing what other people chose for their homes.
-The Taco truck that comes every day around 10am. I am seriously going to go out there one day and get something.
-Being gone for the day and coming in and seeing TONS of progress from just 1 day!!!!

-Having those cool trucks and machines come in at 5:45am with their loud noises.
-The consistent noise of trucks and hammering all day. Sometimes I don't mind it but sometimes it gets old.
-When they drop off the wood frames at 5:45am. It is a very loud bang!
-Cement trucks. One day there were seriously 5 lined up around our entire house. So loud with all their trucks turning the cement.

Even though these are somewhat annoying, I am curious if I will miss it all when it is done.
oh and one more...

-Trying to get around all the workers trucks on the street when I am driving in my car.

I think the most annoying time above all, was the picture above. The cement pouring for the foundation across the street. They extend that big crane and it is so loud and so big... and it was 6:15am.

But really all in all, it has not been that bad, and I think the good outweigh the bad.

They started building on the lot next to us, and it is just getting started, they will only be 5 ft away from my window, which is not very much. Ask me how I feel about building around me then... I am sure I will think very differently then. But the good thing is they are almost done and I can't wait to see it all finished.

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