Friday, July 29, 2011

A sister is like having a best friend... for life.

I am super lucky to have 2 wonderful sister and a wonderful mom. I pray that these girls really take advantage of being sisters and stay best friends through life. Calling each other and keeping in touch as much as I do with mine.

I love seeing them together. Whitney loves Kaitlyn so much, she is always watching her closlely and when Kaitlyn interacts with Whitney, she just lights up.
Kaitlyn loves Whitney as much as any older sister could. It is wonderful to see her always being so soft and excited to see her and play with her.

I am looking forward to watching their relationship grow as they get older.


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

how cute!! this makes me want to have a girl next time we have a baby. they are so cute together (and not to mention, TAN! haha)

Sarah Walker said...

So cute!! I love having sisters too!! I bet they will be great friends :)

Chapples said...

so cute! I hope Makenzie will be as sweet to our new baby!