Monday, July 11, 2011


I love to Bake. I am slowly getting better at it, but I think it is such a fun hobby. The only bad thing is having all these baked goods around the house. We try to give them away, but I don't want to be pawning off cookies and cakes and bread to my friends all the time. They will probably start to wonder why I am always baking, but not keeping it for ourselves. They are probably starting to think that I am trying to make them all fat! I know that it is not the best hobby for my waistline, it is just so much fun.
I decided to try to find an awesome recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. I like the ones I make, but I wanted to see what else was out there. So I made these (the picture above) I LOVED THEM! Such a good recipe and a little bit different in the way they are prepared. They sure were huge though, which I think I like better. Then you only eat one at a time, instead of 5-6. Even though it is probably the same amount of cookie, it just feels like you are eating less when you eat just ONE BIG one.
It has been raining here and there, we are actually in a drought and for the 4th we were not aloud to do any FIREWORKS at all. Which was hard cuz I love setting them off infront of your house. When it does rain they sure are THUNDER storms. We have really loved it, our grass has loved it especially. Kaitlyn loves the Lightning and Thunder, and I get scared way more than she does when they get loud and close. She might not understand what is on the other end of those Lightning Bolts. We watched the storm from our Garage and she just had to go out there for just a second with her Umbrealla that Aunt Viky gave her. SO much fun!
For the 4th we got together with some friends and the kids played with the water and we all ate lots of yummy food. I will admit, it is a lot hotter here in the summer than in Utah and Idaho and it makes it hard to be outside too long. I used to love the 4th of July, spending the whole day outside, but that might have to change now that we live where it is so hot.

Here is a couple of pictures I took of Whitney. She is 3 months now and she is starting to roll (from back to front) and laughing a lot more.

One day Kaitlyn wanted Peanut butter when she woke up. So I gave her the jar with a spoon, did some dishes and when I came and looked at her she was covered in PB. Reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and Honey. Looks pretty messy.


Chapples said...

Yummy PB! That's Makenzie's favorite snack lately, she requests some every day and always runs to grab a spoon. I LOVE the thunderstorms! So fun! Wow I like how green your grass is, it's beautiful.

Kenna said...

Whitney's looking so different. It's amazing how much they change the first few months. Love her "Cindy-Lou-Who" curl on top of her head. I'm betting it's been so fun to have a baby with hair.