Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Whitney

I love this little girl!

I know that whenever anyone has a new baby their love for them is so strong, and that is not anything new. You know that a new mom is going to ramble about how wonderful their new baby is. So that is just what I am going to do.

I am blessed to have these two special girls and to love them so much.

Whitney is doing so great!!!
She is a pleasure to be around all the time. She hardly ever cries and when she does it is the simpliest wimper, like she is saying,
"I don't mean to bother, but would you mind ___."

I am amazed at how different my girls are from eachother.
She is so different from Kaitlyn in so many ways.
The obvious is she is bigger and has more hair than Kaitlyn did.
She does tummy time so well and Kaitlyn hated it.
She doesn't really like her binki, just every now and again. Sometimes she just won't take it at all. Kaitlyn would take it any time of day, all day long, till the end of time if you would let her.
She sleeps for longer periods (which could very well just be me acting a little... no... a lot more calm and sure of what I am doing as a mom) But she has been sleeping for more than 5 hours every night and some nights 7 hours straight. Which didn't happen with Kate till about 7 months.
I saw a little something that looked like teeth on the bottom of her lower mouth and I felt around and it does feel like two little teeth on the bottom are starting to come through. Who knows how long till they really pop out but Kate was almost 1 before she got teeth. Whitney is not even 2 months!! Well, in 2 days she will be.

I love that they are so different! When I found out we were having another girl, which I was super excited about, it was hard to imagine having a girl that was not Kate. I just figured it would all be pretty close to the same, same look about them, same personality. It is hard to picture a whole new person... silly I know. But it has been different and so much fun and it is great to know that they really are their own person!

I love this little Whitney so much and I am so glad we have been blessed with her. She has the best smile and is already starting to laugh! What a wonderful thing for a mom to hear!
She really is a sweet heart and I am looking forward to the girl that she will grow into!

***I am going to save another post for another day on how much I absolutely ADORE my Kate-D-Bug! ***

But for today, I wanted to give a little shout out for my love for my Whitters! She is so amazing and I am always amazed at the love that a mom can have for their child!
I look forward to and love to see her face, her smile, even her cute pouts and cries. She knows me and loves me and that is one of the best things to experience in this life.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer fun

We got our Pool Pass for our neighborhood pool a little over a week ago and we are super excited. It was only $4 for our family for the whole summer season!

About a mile from our house they were doing a crawfish festival and we went and saw baby aligators and crocodiles. It was pretty fun to watch! Kaitlyn keeps talking about a BIG SNAKE that we saw there. It took 4 Adults to hold up the snake!

Kaitlyn played in my flour and I had to take a picture! I only had a little bit left in my bucket so I let her have at it so I could pour all my new flour in. Super cute though!

Alma is a great Dad. I came upstairs and he had put all these bows that I had make in Kaitlyns hair. It was pretty cute and she loved it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tour of our new home!

We are moved in and unpacked and set up and running. Have been for a few weeks now, I am the type of person who unpacks right away and hangs up stuff on the wall right away.

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of our place.

I still have some work and ideas on how I want to decorate but that will all come in time, as we save more money. But we are excited to be here and call this place home!

We love it and it is so fun to have our very own place!

Below is what you see when you walk in:

Formal living and dining

We have a piano and a table

The front door is to the left of the picrture

Here is the view from in our family room looking towards the front of the house

View of family room

Breakfast Nook

View of family room from Kitchen

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook


Below is our sitting room in our Master... Still working on this room, but for now it is our office

Master Bedroom

Sitting Room again

Master to Bathroom and closets

Our closet! Love how big it is


Game room

I love that I don't have to clean up!

Guest bedroom

Coming out of guest bedroom and into game room, you can see the stairs

The two doors on the right are the girls rooms and the other door is the laundry room

Kaitlyns room

Whitneys room

Girls Bathroom

Laundry room

Coming away from the girls room towards stair and Master Bedroom

I love our double doors!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My week...

Kaitlyn got this shirt from my sister Kenna, and she loves it and wants to wear it every day. It is cute that she is really starting to care about what she wears.

Got to ride the horseys with cousins

My sister and Whitney!
She is a natural with little babies
She is expecting and finds out this next Wednesday what she is having!! Can't wait!

I attempted for the first time to decorate a cake.

My oldest sister taught me how to make roses and so I made a cake for a brunch get together that I had at my place this week.

Then I sprayed some color on it. It did not turn out as nice as I would have hoped, in fact I was a little disappointed, wish I was better, but it was my 1st time so I am going to practice and get better at it. It still tasted great!

Some of the girls at the brunch

We ended up having 23 people (that is included with all the kids) lots of fun!

We got RAIN! which is great for our new grass!

Kaitlyn of course, wanted to play in it.

After dinner last night we got out some water and tried out Kates new toys for the summer and squirted eachother and our dirt in our backyard.

We are ready for the hot summer

Well... probably not... but we are going to try to survive.

I love her face in this picture below

I love my family!

Love my girls!