Monday, May 9, 2011

We're alive ...and lots to post!

Well we are all moved into our house and getting things set up. I have been wanting to post for awhile but things were so busy that I honestly just didn't have time. I thought about posting pictures of my place, but my sisters were coming to visit and I wanted them to see it in person before seeing the final outcome on-line. Here are some pictures of the last couple weeks.

I went and saw my friend Anna who was due 3 days apart from me. We ended up having our babies 10 days apart and it was so cute to take a picture of our babies together.

This is Tristian and Whitney doing what they do best... Sleeping:

I got to hold him!!
He is so much smaller than Whitney
I think with Whitney we skipped the newborn stage and went straight into 2 months

Here is Kaitlyn carrying her baby.
She keeps telling me that,
"One day, I am going to get married in the temple and then I will have a baby in my tummy."
So cute!

My favorite people in the world!

My sister has been in town for the last few days and we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese
They could not keep their eyes off of the Electronic Chuck E Cheese

On Saturday we spent time outside. My dad made a pool outside and the kids had a blast playing in what Kaitlyn called the "Bathtub"

My oldest Sister, Kenna flew down for Whitneys Baby Blessing. It was perfect timing because it was while my sister Kacey was in town with her family.
Kenna has 4 kids from 3-13 and so it was a huge sacrifice for her to come and visit me and leave her kids with her husband but it was such a blast to have her all to myself and get to spend time with her.

Here are my mom and my sisters, My best friends!!

Kenna let Kaitlyn listen to kids songs on the drive home, put her right to sleep.

Eating discounted Easter Candy and Pizza at my house! So much fun!

We did jumping pictures
My camera didn't take the best pictures but it was still fun.
Here are the best two taken:

Everyone that was here this last weekend after Whitneys baby blessing.
The lighting was kind of weird.

My family of four!

We feel so blessed to have Whitney in our lives. She is so sweet and such a pleasant baby. We all love her so much and I am so glad that she is a part of our family. Alma gave her a beautiful Baby Blessing and we are so excited for the joy that she will continue to bring to all of our lives.

My sisters and Mom again ... Looking all pretty in our Sunday Best

My mother-in-law made this Blessing Dress and it is so beautiful. I wish we would have got more photos of her in it, she got really fussy before we were going to take pictures and so I fed her and she fell asleep. After she woke up she had a bad blowout so we had to get the dress off of her to clean it up. It came all clean so we might need to put her back in it later this week and take lots of pictures of her in it. This is the only alone picture I got of her in the dress.

What do you do when you get all the grandkids together?
Have baby races!!

And horsey rides of Uncle Pat

It was so much fun to have everyone at my new house and get to spend lots of time with a lot of my family. I was sad that my brother Jared and his wife were not able to make it down, we missed them very much but they just got married a couple weeks ago.

I will post more pictures of our home but you got a little bit of an idea of it from these pictures.

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