Saturday, May 14, 2011

My week...

Kaitlyn got this shirt from my sister Kenna, and she loves it and wants to wear it every day. It is cute that she is really starting to care about what she wears.

Got to ride the horseys with cousins

My sister and Whitney!
She is a natural with little babies
She is expecting and finds out this next Wednesday what she is having!! Can't wait!

I attempted for the first time to decorate a cake.

My oldest sister taught me how to make roses and so I made a cake for a brunch get together that I had at my place this week.

Then I sprayed some color on it. It did not turn out as nice as I would have hoped, in fact I was a little disappointed, wish I was better, but it was my 1st time so I am going to practice and get better at it. It still tasted great!

Some of the girls at the brunch

We ended up having 23 people (that is included with all the kids) lots of fun!

We got RAIN! which is great for our new grass!

Kaitlyn of course, wanted to play in it.

After dinner last night we got out some water and tried out Kates new toys for the summer and squirted eachother and our dirt in our backyard.

We are ready for the hot summer

Well... probably not... but we are going to try to survive.

I love her face in this picture below

I love my family!

Love my girls!

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Kenna said...

You did awesome on your cake! I just noticed that your cake matches your blog background. :)
Miss you tons!