Saturday, August 31, 2013



Love these two together. They have moments just like any siblings would have, but they are super sweet to each other a lot of the time. I love them and their relationship and I am so glad they have each other.

IMG_20130804_194546_252   IMG_20130804_194523_119

They wanted to wear these big headbands. We got them at the dollar store one day and they have never wore them for more than 20 mins. But I got a couple pictures with them on. They are so big and crazy.

IMG_20130723_084431_531   IMG_20130723_084439_932  IMG_20130723_084614_170  IMG_20130723_084708_324




IMG_20130814_084618_245   IMG_20130814_084625_832

One day it was time for Whitney's nap and she wasn’t really wanting to go. So Kaitlyn said, “Hey Whitney, if you go take a nap I will make a special present for you!”

It got Whitney to go to take a nap and she worked the whole 2 hours on this present for her. Coloring a picture for her and she cut out some pictures as toys. We got a bag for her to put it all in and she even made a card. It was so sweet.

Kaitlyn has such a loving heart.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kate and Brad

IMG_20130802_092501_835   IMG_20130802_092512_481   IMG_20130805_093556_562

Kaitlyn is so sweet to Brad. She can make him laugh more than anyone else. She knows how to keep a good distance and not be in his face too much but really interact with him. He just adores her. I love seeing my kids relationships build with each other. 

Sick kids


We all (except Alma) got a yucky fever about 3 weeks ago. No fun to all be sick. But it lasted 48 hours and then we moved on. We all just crashed and tried to fight the fever off. Poor babies~


 IMG_20130731_182848_188   IMG_20130801_115927_200   IMG_20130802_090043_401

Brad and Tummy time

Brad is 3 1/2 months. We had an appointment for him the other week and he was 92% for Height and 90% for weight. He is almost 17 pounds and he is as sweet as can be. I get a lot of comments about how big he is. It is kind of fun to tell people when they ask how old he is… I get some funny reactions.

Here are some pictures of him.

IMG_20130806_171944_740   IMG_20130806_185955_972  IMG_20130814_203209_810

He is close to rolling over. Today he did roll over. just took him awhile. Before I know it he will be doing it all the time.

Sometimes I love their faces when they are super sad.

IMG_20130813_135410_422   IMG_20130813_135425_519

Whitney likes to play the game of: How close can I get to Brad without squishing him and how hard can I squeeze him. Kaitlyn never did anything like that with Whitney. It is getting better but she still loves to get as close as she can without touching him. I keep telling her that one day he is going to get big and she better watch out!

IMG_20130813_173523_180   IMG_20130813_173527_022

A few weeks ago I was subbing to teach in Relief Society and as a prepared he slept on my lap. It is the little things.


When Brad does Tummy time he puts both arms straight out. All the time. I keep bringing them in closer so he can push himself higher but they go right back out. Too cute! We love this little boy who blesses our life daily.

IMG_20130819_154554_541   IMG_20130819_154651_950

IMG_20130821_145324_598   IMG_20130821_145352_148

Monday, August 26, 2013


So we got these super cute frogs from the grocery store and the girls had a blast playing with them one day a little over a month ago. Anyway, after having them for a day the found out that they stick to the ceiling. Not the walls just the ceiling. So we threw them up there and they have been up there ever since. It is so funny to have them on there and they are not falling down. It is so funny to hear peoples reactions when they come in to our home. I keep thinking they will fall but they are still going strong.



A lady in my ward put together a dance class for those who were interested. It was free we just had to pitch in and help with her kids and with help while she taught the class. Kaitlyn has been really wanted to dance more and more so it was a good opportunity for her to try it out. She had a great time and I am super grateful to my friend who put it all together. The last day they got to get up on the stage and dance for the moms. I took these pictures at the end. Love her curtsey.

IMG_20130819_111603_656   IMG_20130819_111626_096   IMG_20130819_111629_676

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Last weekend we had two free kid meals to Benihanas. So we decided to use them up and take the kids. It was such a fun afternoon.

Kaitlyn LOVED it! She kept saying this like:

*This is the coolest place EVER!

*He is the coolest cook EVER!

*He can throw knives!

*This is the best food I have ever had!

*He is cooking it right in front of us!

*Can we come back here again! Everyday!

I loved watching her experience it. That made it so much more fun. Her eyes got so big and her month dropped when he started. So cute! Whitney watched close but didn’t say too much during it and Brad just watched and enjoyed the show. He is such a great baby out and about.

We took these pictures before it all started:

IMG_20130817_134149_667   IMG_20130817_134211_861

Kaitlyn and I doing CrAzY fAcEs!

IMG_20130817_134245_319  IMG_20130817_134249_026  IMG_20130817_134254_981  IMG_20130817_134313_996IMG_20130817_134317_578  IMG_20130817_134334_710

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chalkboard drawing


I love having a kid who can draw cool pictures! I love all the things she creates. The other day she drew me on the chalkboard and signed her name (which her signature is in the middle of her description)

The picture is of:


(Almas Wife)

I even had a pink shirt on and blue jeans. Kids drawings are so much better than I could ever do. I need to come up with a cool way to display their artwork.


I turned 29 earlier this month. It was a great day. I took my girls to the Wal-Mart (to return some diapers because Brad is growing too fast!) While we were there in line some man in front of us yelled out, “Today is my BIRTHDAY!”
So of course I had to yell out, “Me too!”

So we had a good chat. He was turning 43 and I was turning 29. The guy taking care of us behind the counter yelled out, “My Birthday is Saturday!” It was so fun to just party with random people at Wal-mart!

Then I took the kids to Chick-fil-a. They had a free meal that they split. They can never eat the whole thing. And then got some ice cream cones. I love Chick-fil-a.

Then we packed up our bags and went to my moms house for a dinner. She was so sweet to have us over. Alma met us there after work and we had cake and ice cream and it was a perfect b-day. The kids and I spent the night and Alma went back home. It was such a great birthday~


IMG_20130807_114858_499   IMG_20130807_120618_749   IMG_20130807_120623_344   IMG_20130807_120628_205






Our Anniversary was on August 3rd and we celebrated 6 years. 6 wonderful years! I sure do love this husband of mine. My love for him grows each day. We had the chance to go to Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls opened. It was an AWESOME concert.

They were so energetic and I loved the whole show! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for watching the kids!