Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Phone pictures

I love to cuddle with my kids.


The above pictures were the Sunday that Whitney threw up all over me during Sacrament Meeting. She looks fine and healthy doesn’t she? Got home from church and we all just cuddled!


I love this Kaitlyn girl! She is so full of life and laughter!


Below are pictures of our friend Tristan. He and Whitney are about 10 days apart. It was great to visit with his Mom, Anna.


Brad has started baby food! or squished food as my girls call it


We went to a place to get the kids photos taken and they smiled so well and got the best photos of my kids. At the end they were telling us the prices for the pictures and it was insanely high. (we came in with a groupon with a special deal) But if I wanted more than one pose it was going to cost me one of my own children. Or at least it felt like it. So these are some pictures of loved of them but didn’t get to print and keep.


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Anna said...

I was just thinking today how I am glad that I've never seen a kid barf in church. How funny that you posted about that on the same day I was thinking of it. I'm sorry that happened to you. :(