Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mall fun

My kids love to ride the free trolley at the mall by our house.

We go to the Library and then ride the Trolley to the mall. So much fun to not have to have seatbelts!

002  004

We went to the mall a few weeks ago and the girls had their hair done by some people who were selling curling irons. It was so fun to see their hair so curly! I might need to curl their hair more often!

005  006

007  008

I sometimes look at Kate and see myself. I know there is a lot of Alma in her too but one day we were being silly on my phone taking pictures and we were pulling the same silly faces. After looking at them later I could see some similarities. Oh how I love her!

007 008 009 010

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Kacey said...

Ha! I was going to comment on her birthday post how she looks like a little Jessie!!! She really looks just like you!