Tuesday, May 8, 2012

San Antonio Get-a-way

Alma and I went on a get-a-way for two nights to San Antonio. My Mom was kind enough to watch our girls so we could have some time alone! It. was. awesome. It was the first time we left our kids overnight. And boy was it much needed.

We found a Hotel on the Riverwalk… And I mean it is ON THE RIVERWALK. It was so much fun to be able to walk out of our Hotel right on it. We parked our car when we got there and then didn’t see it again until we left.

And yes, we did match our clothes for the 1st half of the 1st day. Until I decided it was time to switch it up.

072  074  086 090089  091

We visited the Alamo!


099 - Copy 101 103 104 105 109 

Went to San Antonio Market Street. Made some silly faces. This last photo on the right, Alma said to make a funny face and then he smiled normal. You Stinker, ALMA!

  118 127 128

Aww… This is Alma’s foot. He sprained it playing Volleyball on a Wed. and we were suppose to leave Friday morning. So because of this we decided postpone the trip till this weekend, so even though we postponed it, he still was in a little bit of pain when we went this weekend. I felt so bad for him!


I bought new shoes! These leopard ones were not them, but they were so crazy Alma took a picture of me in them.


With our Hotel we got a free Boat ride on the Riverwalk. We got to ride around our Last evening there and learn about the Riverwalk History. Super fun!

136 138 148

After the Boat ride we bought some Ice Cream and some playing cards and played in the Hotel Lobby. Super fun.

The pictures below with us frowning… Alma was sad bc the Jazz were losing to the Spurs. I was sad bc he was watching Sports with all the Hotel workers instead of playing games with me :)

 149154 150 151 153 

Then he played the Piano for me while there was a thunderstorm outside. I love him. Especially when he plays the Piano.

  156 158

This was us showing how when we walked out of the Hotel we landed on the Riverwalk.

 164 165


Pictures of our Hotel and the riverwalk:

 169 171 173

175 176

Then we went to the Mall and we got hit with a THUNDERSTORM! We had to walk a mile to get back to our car at the Hotel so we bought some umbrellas and walked it the rain. Perfect ending to the Perfect weekend!

182  186  188

Oh and we got to see the Movie, Avengers. Awesome movie. And it was awesome to watch it with out kids and to even go see a movie! Too much fun!


Tiffany said...

That sounds SO FUN!! It looks beautiful where you are! I need a getaway with Mike,maybe once Parker is done nursing.

Owen and Shannon said...

Looks like so much fun!!! You guys definitely deserved a break! I can't believe you had NEVER left your kids overnight!!!

PS. Why in the world would you get Dreyers icecream!? Alma knows where it's at ;)