Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day


I am so blessed.

I have always wanted to be a Mother… and here I am. A Mother of two Beautiful girls. It has its good days, along with (sometimes it feels) just as many hard. There are some days that I never want to end. And some that feels as if all I can do is survive until bedtime.

But then we come together and have those moments. Like at the dinner table when Alma gets home.

All of us together… being an eternal family.

We have laughter and lots of giggles in our home. Kids always have such a fun sense of humor and I love seeing what they laugh at. I love seeing them laugh together.

This has become the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. It is just beginning. The worrying that comes along with being a Mother is something that I knew I would always have to deal with. When you finally have children, that worrying comes right away. Trying to decide what things to I stand firm on and fight for… what things should I just let go and let them be kids. You can’t get on their case about every little thing. That is something that I am learning. Pick something and work hard on it with them. Once they have that down, we will pick another. I have to remind myself that they are young and learning. And that I am young and learning to be a Mom as well. I hope Kate is kind and Patient with Alma and I through the years. I know every first born probably gets all trial and error with their parents. We love her more than she will ever know and just truly want what is best for her.

I pray everyday for Patience and for the strength to be their Mother first and then a friend. How I wish I could just be their best friends, spoil and not have to discipline. But I love them too much to do that. I have to remind myself that everyday.

How blessed and grateful I feel that I have the opportunity to be a Mom to both of these amazing Daughters of God. That is something I am eternally grateful for. I am sometimes in awe of the blessings that Alma and I have received. These are definitely two big ones.

I will do my best. I have many things to work on. But I continue to try again and do better each day.

Something I know every Mom is trying to do.

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Look at him with these girls. He was meant to be a Daddy. And he is so awesome at it. I think pink fits him well too. Thank you Alma for being the Father that our girls need. They will be blessed for that.

Thank you for a great Mothers Day.

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Nicki Wilson said...

Ahhhh!! Your family is gorgeous!! I can't believe how big and grown up Kate looks. I still remember her being like Whitney! We miss you guys!

Owen and Shannon said...

So cute!!! You are such a wonderful mother!! I remember when you guys came over for dinner and we were both pregnant before you moved. Kate was so cute and wanted to pray about every 10 minutes and you would fold your arms for her prayer every time. It was adorable, and I remember thinking (and I have many times since) that I hope I can be as good of a mother as you are. Love you!

Jamie said...

Cute pics! Being a mother is hard, but your kids adore you.