Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Root Root Root for the Cubbies

Alma has a love for the Cubs. He and his Grandpa watched them a lot when he was growing up. So we try to go and see them when we can. When we were on our Honeymoon in Denver we went to a Cubs game and then we have been to two more games since in Houston. That is one reason he wanted to move to Houston.
019 021032 
He got us front row seats in left field. I could smell the field. And see the out fielders great. We brought a glove and were hoping to catch something. A couple balls got close but no luck.
There was a wall in the front row so this is:
 029           What I saw sitting back in my seat
030What I saw if I sat on the edge of my seat
 031What I saw when I got up to the Railing
It was such a fun night. We sat by super fun people who all talked and interacted with each other and one little boy right behind us was the “Fan of the Game” and got to be on the news. Alma and I tried to sneak into their shot. It was a great game and loads of fun! GO CUBS!


Tiffany said...

You guys get to do such fun stuff together! I'm jealous! :) Someday, I suppose, I won't be chained to my children.

Owen and Shannon said...

That is so fun!!! Owen and I were talking the other day about how much we miss you guys. This is a perfect example of why. Owen= Cubs fan, Me= Astros fan, you guys= awesome.