Sunday, April 1, 2012

Whitney is One!

Well my Whitney is One! I can not believe how fast it has gone but of course it also seems as though she has been with us the whole time. Her birthday was a crazy, busy, but great day. I had a practice for a church play that I am involved with yesterday morning and then there was Conference all day and Priesthood Session at night. But we celebrated in-between sessions and it was a great day to spend together as a family and to be able to just lounge out and have fun. What a great day it was.

I am so glad to have Whitney in our home. She is starting to become a big girl and I am excited to see her grow each day.

I feel like all day yesterday she was just walking up a storm. It was so cute that she knew it was her day and it was time to walk more than crawling.

I made her cake and I knew it wasn’t going to great but it was yummy! I tried to do a 3 tier cake. It was fun to make.

          070   073

And she sure enjoyed it. She dug right in and ate the whole thing. It was super fun to watch.

076 077 082091  093                 

Alma put a little bit of frosting on my nose to match!

Me and my Birthday girl!

                 102 103     

Getting cleaned up!


Time for presents!

                       137  138141

She got a toy to ride and push and a baby stroller and a stuffed monkey.

123 124 127

Now they can push their babies all day long. We only had one and so they had to share. But now they can both have one. But of course they both want the new one.

132  129                                 147 148   159  162  166 172 173

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