Monday, April 2, 2012


We are finally finishing up our backyard. We wanted to do it sooner but then the drought last year came and we didn’t want to put Sod in when it had a chance of not making it. So we waiting till this spring to put it in. Our backyard was pretty wild-like. And it was time to do something with it. Here are the pictures of it before:

011 012 013

Then Alma cut it down pretty short to get it ready to till.

 031 032 033

Then he tilled it.

 035 036 037  

Then we got the Sod and laid it down. The girls were there to help us. Alma and I did it together and we did pretty well I think for the two of us! Kaitlyn wanted to help a ton, and Whitney wanted to eat dirt. But it was a lot of family fun.

034 035 036 037

038 039 040 049

We left some space to put down a patio. I can’t wait to have the whole backyard done! It will be so much better to have a backyard that we can use.

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