Monday, April 2, 2012

Were so glad when Daddy comes home…

I saw something like this on Pinterest. So we decided one Friday to mix things up a bit for when Alma got home. Things have been crazy for him at work and he has been working so hard. I wanted him to have a break from the usually routine. So this is what he saw when he walked in the door.

075 077 078

I seriously think Kaitlyn had more fun than anyone with this. The excitement before he got home was so fun for her and she loved squirting daddy. Some days when I ask her what she wants to do today, she says, “Let’s squirt Daddy again when he gets home” I love how Whitney got in the action too. She got wet also. Way to fun!

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Jessie said...

Saw this too and thought how fun! That's so fun you actually did it!