Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet as Sugar

My sweet Kaitlyn!

Whitney was so content just chillin' with Dad, and so I decided to take a picture of her...

This was the reaction I got as soon as I took it... I think the flash might have scared her. Poor thing!

Alma and I took a couple of casual pictures of us with our beautiful sweet girls.
I took Whitney to the Dr. and she is 98% for height and for weight. I looked at how old Kaitlyn was when she was Whitneys height and weight and she was that at 5 month-7 months! Crazy! My Whitney is growing too fast!

I found this outside of my house while checking the mail! Crazy stuff here in Texas!


Jeff and Lauren said...

That bug would totally freak me out! Good luck in Texas! And your girls are adorable!

Jamie said...

Wow, they are cute. I love your new house! Cute family.