Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sleep? Who needs sleep? Well... I DO!

I know all my posts are about the same things. I guess they are for my records to have of these things that are coming along... and I love to be able to have them right here on our blog, and also to let anyone (like my sweet sister Kacey) see how our house is coming along.

We went Saturday and it was an exciting time bc they did our driveway, they added cabinets, which were covered by plastic but it was still exciting to see them in the kitchen and bathrooms, and the painted the walls and put up the shelves in closets and added doors and baseboards. It is really looking like a house, and if it had carpet I would be tempted to move in!
Here is the kitchen

The family room and stairs
The outside with the driveway and the sidewalks

They put on our garage door

I am getting more excited for this little girl to come. It is hard to really prepare and make it feel like she is coming when we are not really settled into our own place, and we are having another girl so I haven't had to buy anything, which is a huge blessing, but then it makes it not feel as real. I do feel like we are getting more ready by bringing the baby stuff inside and talking to Kaitlyn about it to get her more ready for the change.
Oh will she be the best big sister!
She is really getting the concept of having a sister. She talks about how she is going to hold the baby when she finally decides to come out and how she wants to rock her and brush her hair (if she has any that is) and tickle her. She talks about how they are going to be friends. It is the sweetest thing. I love too that she is at the age where you can just ask her to do something or get something and she is capable. What a great help she will be. She has the sweetest heart. I am so glad to have her in our life and at the time we had her.
I know that I could be pregnant for 2 or more weeks, but it is crazy how it is coming to the end. With Kaitlyn I was induced and this time I am excited to go on my own and have contractions randomly and give Alma that call or have to wake him up or wherever he is and say, "It's TIME!"
I am trying to enjoy the sleep that I am getting now.
Sleep, oh dear, sweet sweet sleep...
Kaitlyn has spoiled me for over a year and a half and now it is close to time to do those midnight feedings and changes again.
Oddly enough, I am a little excited for them in a way, the time with your baby, when no one is awake, just you and them, sharing little moments together, while they are half asleep and you get to just hold them and cuddle... those days which will one day be gone.
but I do admit...
I love to get a good nights rest.
I wish that sleep wasn't something you had to give up when you had a new baby.
Give up food?
Chocolate even!
Well maybe not chocolate...
But I am going to miss my sleep. Kaitlyn hardly slept as a newborn. I hear moms who say their children sleep 20 hours out of the 24 hour day. That was never her. Which, I must admit, now that she is older, it makes sense.
Kaitlyn just doesn't need a lot of sleep.
I decided to not give her naps anymore when she was less than 2 years old, and she did so much better without them.
Don't get me wrong, I would love for her to nap everyday, it just made my days so much harder when she did. She was grumpier and threw fits easier. Trying to get her to bed before 9pm was out of the question.
I guess I am not sure what to expect with this baby.
Maybe she is a lover of sleep like me.
Which I am hoping for! At first it would be great if she slept as much as newborns do, to make this transition easier. Maybe moving a week after we had Kaitlyn and doing all the traveling that we did just threw her into life and there was too much going on.
I do know that you can sleep train your kids, and so I know that this sleep is not gone forever, it is different after you are a mom though. Always on-call no matter what age.
But I do hope Baby girl #2 is kinder in the beginning about sleeping.
I do think that maybe a lot of it might have been me and being a new mom jumping at every sound. Who knows? Like I said, knowing Kaitlyn now, she has never needed a lot of sleep. So I believe it is who she is/was.
Which she does sleep long a great now... from 7:45pm-8am everyday. Never waking and staying in her Big girl bed. We just don't get the luxury of naps.
Anyway, sorry about that rant about sleep. I guess it is something that I know comes with being a new mom and it is something that I am going to miss, but I know you gain so much more! So so much more!
But alas Sleep, I will miss you.
Whats in a name?
Well, I know we talked about naming this baby Lyla, but we are still trying to decide if that is what we want. In fact, I think we are starting to think that we are just going to have to see her and come up with a new name.
So as of now, no name for this baby. Which is weird to me, because I never thought we would do that! Kind of fun though having no idea what to name your baby and waiting to see her to decide! There are about 5 names we really like so we will see which gets the pick.
But we are excited to meet her and bring her home.
So, here is to the last 2 weeks of pregnancy! and who knows, maybe more!?!
Here is me at 38 weeks and 2 days.


Chapples said...

Really exciting! Who knows, maybe this baby will be a better sleeper! Enjoy getting the extra sleep while you can! You look adorable! YAY almost time!!!

Jared A. Lopez said...
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The Lopez Family Blog said...

you look so cute in that picture! Reagan was the same way as Kaitlyn, never needed a lot of sleep and stopped napping before she was two. Ava on the other hand, takes a nap everyday and sometimes sleeps up to 3 hours and goes to bed easily every night! Maybe you will get one like that too! I can't wait to meet your little one! Your house is looking awesome too!

Tiffany said...

Wahoo!! Almost there! You look great! I sure miss seeing Kaitlyn around, she sounds like so much fun!

Jeff and Lauren said...

That is so exciting that you are getting a house! It looks great!

.:Anna:. said...

What if you "accidentally" leave the baby outside your parents room? And then your door upstairs is shut....

Owen and Shannon said...

I'm so excited for you!! House, fun! I love your view on getting up for night positive...I have to admit, most nights I dread having to get up to feed Elijah because I'm so exhausted. I'll have to try to take your view on it more!

And no worries on the name...we were the same way! Elijah didn't have a name till the day after he was born! I can't wait to see pictures of your new cutie! Good luck with delivery!