Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Camera!!

So yesterday, we went out to our house and took some photos, attended a Open house for our new Stake Center (which will be our building) they had a BBQ and it was great to be outside. Then we came home and took pictures in front of my parents awesome bush with beautiful pink flowers. After a few pictures, Kaitlyn got a hold of our camera and dropped it and broke the camera. Since we are expecting a new baby... ANY day now, we decided to go get a new one last night.

It was a great price and I am shocked at how well of photos it takes compared to my last camera.

We have church at 8am on the dot so we get out of church at 11am.

It is nice to have so much of our day together. The three of us took a walk to a nearby pond... about a 1/2 mile away from my parent house and enjoyed the out doors. It has been mid 80's this week and so nice.

I got to test out my new camera and take lots of photos today at the pond!

The pictures from here down were taken with my old camera, right before it broke.

I am huge!! and ready to meet this little girl!

Our house is coming along. They have added all the little things, like sinks, toliets, light fixtures. It is really coming along and they are planning on putting Carpet in this week and grass in the front yard! I can't wait to see it all come together with everything. Alma and I are so tempted to move in now even though things are done.

We are closing a little over 3 weeks! Cant wait!

They painted our front door and they were starting on our shutters on the front of the house.

Here is Kate in our Master Bedroom. We have a sitting room and these pilars are seperating it.

She thinks it is a carousel.

Our kitchen is coming along too! Can't wait to move everything in and decorate!


Tom said...

oh my goodness. you probably get this ALL the time but you look like you're about to pop! but yet, you look gorgeous!! i bet you are so ready to have this baby. And we're so jealous of your house. and the weather!

(ps. this is jessie!)

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! Congrats on the homestretch of pregnancy!:) Love the pic of K running!

.:Anna:. said...

Pretty much I am excited to move in!