Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Weather and lots of fun!

We have had such wonderful weather lately.
Here she is on a neighborhood swing that she loves to go to with Grandpa.

She loves to get out of the house and "go somewhere"
Here she is all ready to go to my friends Annas house to play with other kids with her lunch all packed. I know she is going to love going to school one day... but that is not for a few more years... Which I am sure she would be glad to go right now.

I love that her hair is getting alittle longer, I love dressing her up (I LOVE GIRLS) and making her all cute. Glad to be having another girl to dress up also! So much fun!

Here she is playing with a little girl that Anna takes care of, such a cute little girl! It was fun to see them play together. Annas nephew was there playing too.
She had so much fun jumping on the tramp. She talked about it all day long, and was super sad to leave.
As soon as we picked up dad from work, she told him all about her time jumping with "the boys"
(we are still working on who is girls and who is boys)

I stopped by the house yesterday and they had put up the insulation, things are coming along!

And they painted our siding, we think it turned out pretty great!
Next step is drywall and the brick on the outside of the house.

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