Sunday, February 13, 2011

Same 3 things I always blog about... Kaitlyn, pregnancy and our house

Here are some pictures of my Pregnancy progress as of today. 34 weeks and 2 days. We are really plugging along and I am so excited to meet our newest little girl.
Today, I was sitting with Alma and Kaitlyn and I felt like someone was missing... I guess that means we are more ready for this little girl to come! We are excited!
***Here is a link to a picture of me Pregnant with Kaitlyn around 33 weeks. Same outfit. Do I look different? Same?***
These 2 pictures below were taken today:

We went a visited our house on Sat. and there is so much progress.
The roof is on and the walls are on the outside of the house with siding.

This is our breakfast area and family room.

(Kaitlyn wanted a picture of her side view)

Kaitlyn loves Grammys Glasses.
She always finds them and wears them and tells us all that she is Grammy, she even acts like Grammy. It is pretty funny. She makes Grammy be Kaitlyn and my mom is a good sport by humoring her.

We had a great Saturday and Sunday.
Got to spend time outside!
Kaitlyn walked pretty well on the stilts.

Alma wasn't too shabby either. I was wayyy to scared to try it myself, but my mom did really well! Too bad I didn't get a picture of it.

Some funny things that Kaitlyn has been saying, Which there are so many but I never remember to get them written down:
When she was on the stilts, she looked up at me and said,
"Hey Mom! Take a picture!!"
Today after Sacrament she turned to me and said,
"Your Kaitlyn, you go to Nursery,
I am mommy and I am going on a date with Daddy."
Whenever she falls she doesn't want any body but herself to kiss her boo boo better.
It is too cute!

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