Thursday, January 20, 2011

OuR nEw HoMe!!!!!!

We have known that Alma had this job since last April, which gave us a lot of time to look at houses. We found this one in a great area, inbetween Almas job and my parents house... I will admit, we are closer to my parents than his job, which I do wish he was closer to work, but we have found a bus system for him to take that makes the commute a lot better... and cheaper!!
We got here December 19th really late (amosty midnight) and starting looking at re-sale homes the next day. After a lot of looking at our favorite houses, it confirmed the decision that we made while in Utah, to build a home.
We had already looked at floorplans and started the pre-approval process in Utah, so we knew what we wanted already, making the decisions and process alittle easier.

On Dec. 22, we signed a contract to build a home. The next week we went to the studio to pick out everything... carpet, countertops, cupboards, light fixtures... even toliets.
(Didn't think we would have a choice for that one)
And we are super excited about it!!
After lots of paperwork, and waiting, and getting things ready for the last month, yesterday I needed to drop the last thing off for the loan, and I swung by our lot..and there it was!!!
Getting dirt moved around and getting ready to lay the foundation.
I can't tell you how exciting that is!
I have a construction meeting tomorrow and after that, they are good to go, things are really going to start moving.
They estimate that it will be done around.... April 1st. Which is when I am due (Mar. 25th) and around the worst time due to tax season. So things are going to be a little bit crazy, but we are still getting pretty excited.
Here is an idea of what our home will look like, with a few exceptions.
All brick except the garage and sides and back of the house, also different colors.
And our floorplan will be flipped from this house. So the garage will be on the right.

Our lot before anything.
Ps. We are in a cul-da-sac!!
We are one of the last to be built on this street too which will be nice.
Getting started!!
If you look close they have the wood framing where the house will be.

And for your viewing pleasure... them moving the dirt.
Probably more exciting for us. But there you go.


Kristin said...

Congrats! That is so exciting!

Allen and Morgan Plumb said...

YAY!!! Congrats, I can't wait to see what it looks like when everything is done.

Chapples said...

Congrats guys! That is awesome!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

How exciting!! i knew you guys were thinking about getting a house but didnt know you were planning on getting one built!! thats even more exciting! you get to pick out the things YOU want!

ps. not going to lie. im jealous.

pps. I can't wait to see that baby of yours!! not too much longer!

.:Anna:. said...

Ah that is soooo exciting! Congrats on the new home! I am so excited that you are going to be in TExas for so long, and you'll have so much space to grow! A computer room, a baby room, a Kaitlyn room, A parent room, A guest room, a play room, a living room.. ah its going to be the bomb!

I can't wait to bring the baby over so he can puke on the new carpets .. I will be bringing a hand held wet vac ;)

Connie and Brandon said...

Oh congrats!!! A new home is so awesome! Way to make the jump and be so grown up! I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Stefanie Horsley said...

How fun!!! I am excited for you guys! That is going to be so awesome!!!

eden and david said...

that is so exciting!!!