Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little progression on the house!

So there is a little more that has happened on our house.
This picture below was taken a while back... of where we will be in our cul-de-sac. We are the lot to the left of the one story. You can see some dirt was pushed around.
The house that I was in when I took this picture was a home that was just built across the street (which is in its own cul-de-sac) so that will be fun to have two right there...
the builders let me come walk through that house since no one was in it yet and it had a lot of our features... kitchen light fixture ... some of the same lay out.

Alma and I had some paper work to sign and so while we were over by the house, we decided to walk on by. I had been there the day before late in the afternoon, so I wasnt expecting anything new, but when we had come, there was a lot more that was done.
There was rebarb put down and they are getting more ready to pour the foundation.

The picture below was taken from our "backyard"

Where the front of the house will be.
Front porch

We are getting excited!!!!

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Jen said...

Whahoo! That looks exciting! How fun to get to build. You look great by the way Jess!