Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Piano!

Side note away from the Piano:
(They laid our foundation today!! Whoo hoo!!)
So a lady in my parents ward sent out an email about giving away their piano for free.
Since we will have the perfect spot for it in our new house and Alma really wants one, as do I, and I know Kaitlyn does too, we decided to jump on it.
Here is the piano that we recieved and we feel so grateful to be able to get it and give it a new home.
It needs to be tuned of course, which is something we will do once we are more settled and we have the money, but we are really excited to be able to have one in our home!


Kenna said...

That's funny . . . it looks a little like mom and dad's.

Congrats on your foundation getting poured! So exciting!

Sarah Walker said...

a new piano! That's awesome!! I am kind of jealous. :)