Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time!

We have had such a great Christmas week. It has been nice to be here in Texas enjoying the weather and also getting settled. We are getting things in order, like getting addresses changed and making sure we switch our Car Insurance. It has been a lot of work but it is something that we wont have to do for, well, a little while...
We have had such a blast spending time with my parents, and Kaitlyn is doing great adjusting to this new lifestyle.
Every now and then we play a little too much and she doesn't get the sleep she probably needs and we all feel it the next day when she is not as happy... but for the most part, she has been doing awesome and loving all this space at my parents house, compared to our last apartment.
For Christmas Kaitlyn got a new Baby that looked just like the one that she has now, So clean and new!!
She seemed to not know what to do with both. But has played equally with each one.
Also a stroller and bed and a diaper bag for her "twin" babies.
She got a Bike!

And a Big girl bed with new bedding!!
Which she does a lot better in than I thought she would. She stays in her bed until it is time to wake up. The 1st night was a little more rough. She woke up at midnight and at 5am. But since then she goes to sleep almost better than before (very excited to lay down in her bed... like it is a treat) and stays in there till morning. She loves it so much and sometimes through out the day she wants to go upstairs and just play on it.

And of course a few other fun things...

Making Gingerbread cookies with Grandma

Playing the Piano
I have noticed almost everywhere we go, there is a Piano, Aunt Kaceys, Aunt Vikys, Both Grandmas, she just must think every house has one. And she loves it.

Video of her rolling out the cookie dough

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.:Anna:. said...

Look how big she is getting-that is just crazy! I can't believe I stll haven't seen you