Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One of the Hardest things I have ever done!

Well, we did it!
Here is our story about Potty training, if you feel like reading it all.
The day we got home from the ultrasound of baby #2, Kaitlyn decided she wanted to go on the potty. She successfully went #2 and I thought why not keep going from there. We had already bought this Potty (pictured below) little panties, and stickers and of course Dum-Dum Suckers, her favorite.
So we just went for it.
That first day I rolled up my nice rug and we just learned that we "go"... a lot.
It was a tough 1st day but not too bad, knowing that I shouldn't expect much.
After the first couple days we just kept at it.
She after a couple days of being naked, just would stop playing and "go"
I thought this is great, so I put panties on her and then she would consistantly "go" in her panties.
5 steps backwards, I felt.
I am not going to lie, I wanted to quit 100 times, and I called my Mom and Sisters almost in tears because it was getting so hard.
They kept telling me that she was actually doing great and I was 75-80% done.
We knew the Thanksgiving holiday was coming and we were kept thinking it would be too hard to be away from home and try to potty train, and we almost quit, right about the time I was going to throw in the towel, she had a bunch of accidents that Saturday and Sunday before we left, she came up to me and said, "Go Potty Mommy?" and then she went.
I am so glad she did this because we were about to quit!!!
I talked to my mom about traveling and my worries about her regressing, and she assured me that it would be ok and it might even help her, since she is not at home.
While at Almas Parents house, she did ok. Not great, but we actually felt pretty proud of her, and then at Almas sisters house she was progressing more.
I think her cousins helped a lot. When she saw Branson, (Kaceys 3 year old) go potty, on the Big Potty, she was done with the little potty.
And all of Almas sisters kids were a great help, making the Potty seem like the coolest thing in the world!! And after they would go they would say, "Kaitlyns TURN!"
From Thursday on, she has been going on the Big potty and since Saturday morning it was like it all clicked and since then we have not had 1 accident.
NOT ONE!!!!!
She even slept in the same room as us and one night she woke up at 4am and said, Gotta go Potty Mom, and so I took her and she went.
She did great considering we were at my sister-in-laws house and traveling home and going to church and being in Nursery.
She even was a little sick and had to go #2 a couple times during church and she would always tell us and then we would take her.
I am feeling so grateful for my family who supported us through this. It was seriously one of the hardest things I have ever done, But I finally feel like, we are done with daytime Potty training. It is like it just all clicked with her and she can hold it now almost 2 hours and as soon as she sits on the potty she goes. She does great with #2 also which I was expecting to take a little longer.
It is great progression from even 4-5 days ago.
And now, looking back, it doesnt even seem like it was that hard. Tomorrow is the 3 week mark of starting and it was totally worth it.
Once we move we will work on nights, we started to kind of introduce it at the beginning, but since she is still in a crib we are going to wait till after the move so it isnt too much all at once.
Here is her awesome little Potty that we don't need anymore!!

Here is my big girl who is a ROCKSTAR!
We are so proud of you Kate!!


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

1. she's not even 2 and she's already potty trained?? thats insane!! well considering ive worked in daycares and most 3 year olds were still having trouble. Go kate! and 2. I LOVE that potty! 3. im so nervous to start with Dulany (not anytime too soon obv) but hopefully she'll be like me and be trained fast!

Tiffany said...


The Three of Us said...

That's awesome. I always relate Mylie as being close to Kate's age even though she is six months older it's just around the corner.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...


Angela (Turner) Howland said...

Holy Cow! Potty trained already?!! Why does it have to take so long with boys?! It's off and on with Hayden and he's almost 3 next month. Hmm, we'll keep trying, but hooray for Kaitlyn!