Friday, November 5, 2010

I love my "almost" 2 year old

Well, this girl gets more fun with each day!
Here she is posing for the camera.
***Excuse the Mario on in the background.
She kept asking for it and and wanting to play it all morning.
It was really cute to watch her pretend to play***

Here is a picture of me today at 20 weeks with baby #2!
1/2 way there!
After Alma took my picture she wanted one of her, right in the spot where I was standing!
So fun!

She takes my camera quite often and has us turn it on and then turns it around pointing at her and says,
So these are the fun pictures you get randomly on your camera with a 2 year old.


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

youre too cute! i can't wait for you to find out what you're having this time around (any guesses?) and when DO you find out?! and i was going to comment on the mario in the background before i read it..aaand i can't believe kate is almost 2!

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

What a doll!