Thursday, September 23, 2010

Would you do this for $100?

So in August there was a Grocery Store challenge with their coupons.

Alma came home from work around noon, after checking the mail and wanted to do this challenge to win $100. I was a little hesitant, because:

1. I would be the one singing, making a fool out of myself.

2.I didn't know a lot of the songs.

3. It would take like 2 hours to search for the songs and figure them out, and learn them, then put the grocery store lyrics to the songs.

So, after convincing me, we "youtubed" lots of videos, figured out and learned songs that we didnt know and got ready to video tape. We got the coupons on the 4th of August and submitted our video to them by 2pm on the 4th of August. We felt really confident that we would win. The 1st 3 people to send in a video to their email, would get $100.

That day we checked Almas email every 2 mins. Thinking they would get back to those who responded first.

Then... 51 days went by... still nothing.

UNTIL TODAY! We got an email that we won!!

Whoo HOO!

I said that I wouldn't post the silly video of me singing unless we won. I tried to post it but it was having troubles. Maybe it was too big.

Would you have done all this for $100?

And what should we do with our money?

Buy lots of Yummy groceries? (it actually comes in the form of a Gift Card for their store) Dinner? Gas money for a Trip up North-West for Thanksgiving?


M and W said...

Yeah, I would have. Congrats on winning!!

Kenna said...

Throw a party! That's what I would use the $$ for. But hey, I'm always up for a good party.

Congratulations!! I can't wait to see the video. Can you post it on Youtube and link to it?

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

haha i want to see the video!!!!

Venturing Vosses said...

Definitely a trip to the northwest. I mean, common!! Congrats!!

Rachel (Borup) Johnston said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm a little slow--I haven't read blogs for a while, but I've been wondering how you're doing. SO FUNNY THAT YOU GUYS WON!! Did you ask how many even entered to contest? haha