Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Those Summer Nights"

Not too much new as of lately. We really enjoyed our summer and Alma started school back up this week. It is good to be back on a busy schedule and I cant believe this is our last semester until the REAL world! We haven't posted for awhile not a lot of pictures taken, but here is Kaitlyns new babysitter :)
Just kidding. She is a hoot to see what things she will get into next.

The Monday nights in August they did a movie at the park. It was so much fun to go to. Kaitlyn loved it and stayed wide awake and sitting up watching the whole movie, "Enchanted"
It was so much fun to do as a family.
Here she is all ready to go on her blanket. By the time the movie started there were people everywhere around us. It got really crowded!!

This is her face as she was watching them inflate the movie screen! It was pretty cool to watch!

And of course, before the movie started they did Karaoke for FREE MOVIE THEATER POPCORN! no one was signing up at first so I jumped up and sang. Yes, I am in my PJ's.

Here she is hitting herself with a pillow. She loves to make us laugh!

And one Sunday evening she was just singing away and so we got it on video! So cute! She loves to sing like her mommy!

And here is one more... she puts a little more dance moves into it.


Stefanie Horsley said...

we miss you guys!!! sounds like your doing well!!

.:Anna:. said...

Look how big she is getting! What a cutie-she looks like she has TONS of hair!

Chapples said...

How fun! She is growing up! Love the singing. I will have to show Makenzie when she wakes up from her nap. That movie night looks like a ton of fun! And you guys make it look so cold, wearing your sweatshirts! I love the fall in Utah!

Princess said...