Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Saturday!

Our Apartment Complex put on this HUGE, FUN, FREE BBQ/Party!!
It was so much fun!
There was Tug a wars... by wards
Cookie Decorating
Door Prizes
It was such a blast!

And Rootbeer Floats!

Then later tonight they had a Stake Chinese Festival, where we ate Chinese food and Ice slushee desserts. It was so much fun. I didn't get a lot of pictures of that since we were helpers with the Ice Slushees but there were a bunch of kids that took the little flags in the grass and threw them up in the tree to see who could get higher. I am sure the Maintance people will come and be like, "Where are all the flags??"
Funny thing some of the Parents were doing it too.
Hope you had a great Saturday!


Kenna said...

Are you sure you want to leave that and go to the real world?

The Beck Bunch said...

That looks so fun!! It's nice that they plan things like that for everyone!