Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My buddy, my buddy, Where ever I go, she goes with me!

Well, I am the kind of mom who doesn't let any toys in Kaitlyns bed. I just never thought she needed it, the crib is a place for sleeping not playing... is what I thought.

I have seen a few pictures on friends blogs or on facebook where their kid has toys in their crib and I have always wanted to do it, I was always just too afraid that she wouldnt fall asleep.

You see, if you know my daughter, she is the kind of kid who can't sleep in public, if there are people or toys around she can't fall asleep cuz she might miss something. I was always too afraid to try putting something in her crib. I thought she would just play and miss that window when she would fall asleep.
She is great about nap time. When she is tired, I can tell by her manners, (rubbing eyes) and I ask her, "Do you wanna go to Nigh' Night?" and then I would say pretty much everytime, she runs to her crib and points to it, I lay her down, cover her with a blanket and she falls asleep. I don't hear one peep from her again. It works great!

So I have wanted to add toys to her crib, to cuddle with. I actually tried putting her baby in there once and she threw a fit. I think she was jealous or something. So, I just never had the insentive to try to put anything in there with her. What we were doing, was working GREAT. I was too comfortable with the way things worked to try something else.

Then today, she was acting tired, ready for her nap, and I asked her if she wanted to go Nigh' Night? She picked up her baby and ran to her crib. So I thought, "hmmm... maybe I would give it a try." I tucked her in her blanket along with her baby next to her. Then I left.

I heard her talking and giggling, like they were having girl chat, maybe talking and laughing about "how funny mom is to actually think that they were ever going to go to sleep."

I kept thinking, "She is never going to sleep with that baby in there. She probably thinks it is a party! But I held myself back from going in and taking it away. I heard her every now and again, laughing and things, which usually doesnt happen but occasionally, and then it was quiet.

Later, when I knew she was asleep I peeked in at her and found her cuddling so softly and sweetly with her baby, who, to me looks like her twin. Both Bald with beautiful eyes. It was such a cute, yet different sight to see her sleeping.


.:Anna:. said...

Hoorah! Look at her all cuddly-that is so cute.

The kid I nanny has a million toys in her crib and she just plays and plays with them-but will eventually fall asleep. SOmetimes I get annoyed and I take them all out.

Jen said...

So cute! I'm curious if now she asks for baby to sleep with her? PS I love your blog so fun!

Princess Grace said...

that first pic is wayyyyy toooo cute!