Thursday, March 4, 2010

Craft and cooking

My ward is so much fun! We do play groups and crafts, and since the weather has been nicer... just playing outside and enjoying the playground! I am really enjoying this area. I am excited to go to the next stage of life, but I am really enjoying this time here in Provo. Yesterday, a girl in our ward taught us how to make crayon holders. I had seen one once before that my sister, Kenna made, and I have been wanting to make one. Super cute and easy.My stiching didn't turn out the best, but I really liked the colors that I used!
Here it is all rolled up!
Opened up (sorry I turned it the right way but for some reason when i put it on here it posted sideways...) But each pocket is for a crayon.

All laid out flat

Kaitlyn loves my clothes. She is always playing in our closet, pulling everything out. Alma helped her put this on. She kind of looked like a little Yoda, or like she was wearing a graduation gown.

Too cute

And, I made a dinner with all the stuff in my fridge. Saucy chicken and broccoli casserole and Zest sauce Asparagus with tukey bacon wrapped water chesnuts in BBQ sauce and tomatos for my casserole. Wasn't sure if Alma wanted them in it so that is why they are on the side. Cooking is fun!


Princess Grace said...

you are such a good wifey and mommy!!! i want to make a crayon holder!

.:Anna:. said...

I love the crayon holder. I want one for me to take to chu-for my nieces to take to church...

Wow that dinner looks fancy!

the craig i know said...

i love mormons! we make the best looking stuff don'tcha think?? haha. miss u guys.