Saturday, January 16, 2010

My chatterbox


My little girl is one chatterbox. She just follows me around and tells me things. She is telling me stories and asking me questions... I am sure of it. It is so cute. And I love how she has so many different sounds when she talks. Anyway, This is a video of her chatting back and forth with her Dad. Isn't quite like the chatting she does with me, but it is pretty fun. Enjoy!


Kenna said...

Is that Russian? So cute! She'll be talking up a storm in no time, saying things like "Mom, will you buy this for me?" and "I don't want to clean my room!"


Did you guys get a new TV?

Photography By Princess said...

AWE!!!!!! so want to meet her!!!

.:Anna:. said...

I love your baby said...

thanks for the fam-blog comment. i think you guys are pretty cute!!!
ps. i just found some pictures from your wedding-remember the reception at your uncle's house? the greatest backyard i have seen!

the craig i know said...

she's so cute!