Monday, February 1, 2010

Picking Door Berries/Funny Daddy

Kaitlyn is always so entertaining. I love her imagination. She has just been so much fun to have around. Sometimes I wonder where she comes up with some of the things she does, but I love it and don't want her to ever stop.

Here she is "Picking Berries from the tree of Entrance" (our front door) and feeding them to Alma. Too cute.


And of course, Daddy reading Dr. Seuss is hilarious. At least Kaitlyn thinks so. Whenever he reads to her, she just cracks up the whole time. Not when I read to her though. Too funny!



Connie and Brandon said...

Hilarious!!! She is just too cute.

J. Lopez said...

She is so cute and funny!!! I miss you!

.:Anna:. said...

It's cause Alma sounds like Raymond! Everyone loves Raymond :)

hahah... doorberries.. said...

your husband looks like he's the best dad ever!!! and of course, kaitlyn is a cutieeeeeee pie!

the craig i know said...

I love anna's comment.

So cute!! And i love the picture on your header of the blog. adorable.

Nicki Wilson said...

She's sooo cute!! We miss you guys. Hopefully we'll get to see you soon:)