Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time for the next chapter....

So Alma is all done with school and is graduating from BYU-Idaho this Thursday! We are so excited for him and all that he has accomplished!
As you know, we are heading to Utah so Alma can start in the Fall at BYU for the Accounting Masters Program.

We are starting to pack since we will be moving at the end of next week.
We are both pretty sad to be leaving Rexburg. We have both been here since 2002-2003.
It has really become home for us and we are going to miss it a lot.
Our ward, neighbors, friends.
But we are exciting about having more things around us. Like restaurants and airports.

It has been a great time here at BYU-I and it is time to leave. But we will definitely miss it here!
Congrats again Alma! You are so awesome and we love you and are so proud of you!

And here are some pictures of our recent happenings:

Eating Spagettios! YUM

This was at like 11pm. She was suppose to be sleeping but she was giggling and standing up! So we decided to drop the mattress.

This is what i see all the time. Little eyes peeking.....


Kenna said...

You put your baby in the dryer!! Hilarious!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

Hahaha i LOVE those pictures! ibelieve she even has a spaghetio on her head! and i love the crib ones, ok i love them all. I cant believe you guys are leaving!!! AHH! it will just not be the same.

Me and My Boys said...

Your little girl is so adorable, I saw the crib set, your using it, it makes me soo happy it went to a good home! Hope it's working out for you!

Me and My Boys said...

p.s. congrates on moving on to the next stage in life and getting out of Rexburg, it's very exciting!!!