Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kaitlyn is CrAwLiNg!!!!!!!

Today Kaitlyn started to crawl. I must admit that it was a little unexpected. She has been getting a little closer but we still didn't think it would be for awhile. If you would have asked me 2 days ago when I thought she would be crawling I probably would have said maybe by Aug. at the earliest~

But, through out the last 2 days she has just been improving and then right before bedtime she just started moving all over the place.

Her style of crawling is a mix between crawling and bear crawling. She loves to walk so she kind of does that as she crawls, but hey, to us it is progress!

We love to watch her grow and learn and progress!

Great Job Kaitlyn! We are so proud of you!


Kings said...

awe! how cute! i hope adyson starts soon. sucks that you guys are moving, adyson will be losing a friend! me too!

Teri said...

Soooo cuuuuute! Miss you.

Angela (Turner) Howland said...

Hooray for Kaitlyn! You go girl! :) Time will fly so quickly that soon she'll be walking and then you really better be in shape to go running after her!! Today in church I had to do a lot of that.... after Hayden! Very embarrassing when he gets up to the stand. It's funny to see some of the different crawls kids have, especially if they drag one leg behind. Anyway, good for her!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Go, Kaitlyn Go!!!!

Tell her I said if she can get into your drawers and pull everything out in the next two days, I'll buy her a bottle.

Shoot. I'll even fill it full of juice. :)

Dani said...

yay kaitlyn! she is so adorable!

the craig i know said...

yay! congrats kaitlyn!! big step!

Milton & Marie said...

That baby is growing fast. It seemd like yesterday she was born. Can you email me your mailing address?