Monday, July 6, 2009

Recent happenings and...OuR 4Th Of JuLy!

Kaitlyn loves to stand. She stands by the couch and walks along the couch to the recliner and today i took this picture of her standing holding onto her stroller~ she would stand all the time if i would let her~ She gets so happy while doing it! She is growing up fast.
Not too much progress on her crawling, she is getting a little bit better about moving around on the ground though~
After Church on Sunday we went outside in the grass. She loves to play with cookie cutters.

Our 4th of July was awesome. Alma went Golfing in the morning with "the guys" and then at 10am we went to the Rexburg Parade. Then we came home and BBQ'd Ribs with our neighbors and friends. We hung out all night and watched fireworks from our front lawn. It was such an awesome weekend! We are really going to miss Rexburg and all of our Awesome friends!

Our tarps to keep us cool in the heat!

Sweet set-up!


Carter getting up close and personal with Kaitlyn.
It really looked like he was going to kiss her!

The 3 babies, all a day apart!
( i think Carter (middle) and Kaitlyn could be siblings!)

I Love how Kaitlyn and Carter have there feet up and Lilly is just chillin'

The Bates at the Parade!

KDB and Daddy looking at the floats going by

Family shot!

Being a big girl on dads shoulders!

Hope you all had an AWESOME 4th!

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Krissandra said...

I am happy to see you all had a great 4th! Isn't amazing how fast our babies are growing!! I am amazed every day with all the new stuff Kysen does. Hope your move goes well and that you guys find an apartment soon!