Tuesday, November 25, 2008

39 WeEks and ReAdY!!!

Here I am at 39 WeEks and we are ready to have this little girl!!

Front view~
Side view!!

We are ready whenever she is so hopefully it comes sooner than later. My mom said if she is anything like me she is probably saying her goodbyes to all her friends. So it might take awhile~ :)


Me and My Boys said...

you are the cutest pregnant girl I have ever seen. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? If you need dinner were here, just let us know.

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Ha look how cute you are! Try to have her Friday-it's a good day!

Alan and Princess Johnson said...

AP sHHHhhh.
love your blog. breakfast party!!
love ya,

Alan and Princess Johnson said...

i can't wait to see her!!! yay for babies!!!

Alan and Princess Johnson said...

december 10th! tha'ts my birthday. try to have her then!. lol.
sorry for posting so many comments. you know me and my big mouth. tell alma alan and i said hi!

Me and My Boys said...

Hey any baby yet? keep us posted, know that were not in your ward,we dont' know what's going on, good luck!

Milton & Marie said...

I look at your blog everyday wondering when that baby is going to come. I am excited for you and I looking forward to pictures.

Me and My Boys said...

Sorry for the many comments. But I just found out you had your baby!!! Hope everything went well. Congrates!! How did it go? I want to come adn visit when your feeling up to it.